There’s nothing quite like being allowed to grow with the brands for whom we work. As a performance partner, being able to help the brand fulfil its potential. This means we’re not only fully committed to your commercial objectives, but we’re also happy to charge performance-related fees. We’re in this together.

During efficient strategy and concept sessions, we tease out the essence of the issue, and from that starting point develop a guiding ‘big idea’. An idea powerful enough to form the cornerstone of your whole communications programme, so that everything adds/stacks up. In doing this, we explore and exploit the entire media landscape.

The challenge lies in ensuring that at any point on the customer journey the words, images and media used optimally reinforce one another. Thus achieving the best possible results in terms of conversion, recognition and awareness. This is not just a creative, but also a strategic and business challenge.

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Total Design believes in the power of difference. Different people from different disciplines: technology, communications and branding working together to help brands develop and grow.

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