Since 1963

We believe in the power of difference. Different people working together towards a shared goal. When people from different disciplines, with different ways of thinking, collaborate to resolve problems, it delivers better solutions. That was our approach in 1963 and still is. Quirky, equal and independent.


What we do

  • Branding

    • Creative session
    • Implementation design
    • Brand architecture
  • Design management

    • Brand experience
    • Brand management
    • Information Design
  • Digital Transformation

    • Digital Strategy
    • Service design
    • Webdesign & Development
  • Content Marketing

    • Content strategy
    • Copywriting
    • Corporate stories
  • Digital Design

    • Digital Systems
    • Digital marketing
    • User experience Design
  • Campaigning

    • Campaign concept
    • Campaigning plan concept
    • Digital Advertising

Our team

Marcel van Tiggelen

driven Project Director

Ellen van de Sande

Ellen van de Sande

meticulous Designer

Agreeth Wiersma

Agreeth Wiersma

mindful Creative Director

Margarita van Dam

Margarita van Dam

bright Client Manager

Bart Wemelsfelder

Bart Wemelsfelder

committed Designer

Nathalie Zoomers

Nathalie Zoomers

endless curious Client Manager

Erik van der Weijden

Erik van der Weijden

creative Software Engineer

Francis van Teeffelen

Francis van Teeffelen

committed Project Manager

Klaas Kloet

Klaas Kloet

dedicated Head of TD Lab

Francis Brüggenwirth

Francis Brüggenwirth

connecting Client Manager

Martyna Piskorz

quirky Digital Designer

Erwin van Ekeren

social Creative Developer

Alicia Castro

whimsical Digital Designer

Wouter Fransen

venturous Client Director

Peter Meijers

forthright Head of Design Management

Michel Ruigrok van der Werven

casual Client Manager

Lynn van den Eersten

Lynn van den Eersten

honest Financial Controller


Robin Poelmann

connecting Art Director


Carmen van Diessen

resourceful Tender Manager


Joppe Andriessen

involved Head of Digital Impact

Eveline Wiegmans

Eveline Wiegmans

humanist Client Director


Ervin Ramrattan

imaginative Creative Copywriter

Peter Clercx

curious Creative Director

Eddy Wegman

coloured Creative Director

Tom Mittemeijer

bold Office Manager

Stephan Reschke

positive Head of Branding Int.

Robbert van ‘t Westende

zealous Technical Lead

Marloes Pijning

glamorous Client Manager

Marc Canisius

intense CFO

Lisha Lau

dedicated Client Manager

Julius van der Woude

meticulous Creative Director

Jeroen Rinkel

honest Servicedesk Manager / Developer

Jeanett Visser

substantial Client Manager

Arjen Firet

aloof Implementation Designer

Etienne Wolfs

dedicated Client Manager

Claire Bedon

spiritual Designer

William Anthony Lemus-Garcia

sesquipedalian Creative Director of Visual Content

Timon Weerstand

Timon Weerstand

dynamic Designer

Rosyl Budike

impassioned Frontend Developer

Rogier Bisschop

tenacious Creative Director

Paul Wolfs

Paul Wolfs

guiding Senior Designer

Maureen Raktoe

bright Finance Administrator

Martijn van den Brakel

curious Creative Director

Lex van Hees

relaxed Frontend Developer

Ermelinde van Reusel

just Client Manager

Adam Lane

Adam Lane

agile Designer

Dimitri van Loenen

unlimited Senior Designer

Edwin van Praet

perceptive Creative Director

Henriette Verkerk

genuinely Head of Branding

Koen de Groot

straight forward CEO

Eric van den Wildenberg

brave Head of Campaigning

Hugo van den Bos

intense Strategy Director Branding

Sieds de Boer

curious Head of Strategy

Martijn Arts

Martijn Arts

brave Strategy Director & Partner