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It all began in 1963, when a number of designers teamed up to shape the world of tomorrow. Graphic, industrial and spatial design united in a strong belief in progress and functionalism: “design precision and directness, transparency and clarity, logic and rationalism” (Volkskrant, 1997). It was a completely new approach; and with it, Total Design and its founders Paul Schwarz, Dick Schwarz, Friso Kramer, Benno Wissing and Wim Crouwel, helped lay the foundations for the development of Dutch Design.

Following an interlude of 18 years, during which we adopted the name Total Identity, in 2018 we reverted to our original name. From the conviction that design is now far more than just its various disciplines. Today it is about the insight, the plan, the implementation and the result. The same combination of creativity and functionalism as in 1963, but for our times. Total Design now stands for a creative collective where technology, communications and branding fuse to help forward-thinking brands develop and grow.

We’re an independent agency, where no single discipline dominates. In client teams that we’re continuously fine-tuning, 70 young, open-minded yet experienced strategists, digital and graphic designers, developers, art directors and copywriters work with our clients to give shape to the future. The opportunity to make brands successful, and to be of real value to organisations and the wider world, makes our agency one of the sweet spots of creative talent right now.

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Total Design believes in the power of difference. Different people from different disciplines: technology, communications and branding working together to help brands develop and grow.

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