Nationale Nederlanden

Nationale Nederlanden

How to positively build the brand Nationale-Nederlanden by creating awareness of the importance of mental fitness in relation to illness and disability. We do this by asking: "How are you?"

  • Digital Advertising
  • Concepting
  • Strategy
  • Media Strategy
  • Visual Content
  • Online Video
  • Copywriting

The insight

Employees and employers are often not sufficiently aware that long-term sick leave usually has a mental component. To find out, you have to start the conversation. In doing so, there are three words that can make people less likely to get burned out. A question we ask each other every day but have lost meaning:
“How are you? People see it as a polite question or a greeting.
But giving this simple question meaning back and taking the time to answer it can reduce absenteeism and disability.

The idea

We invite several people who do not know exactly what they are coming for. Upon entering we casually ask them, “How are you?”, then we get the usual socially desirable answers. Then they open an envelope containing a card. On the card is the exact same question, “How are you? Now the question does touch and elicit a lot of different reactions and stories. Sometimes confrontational, sometimes emotional. But all equally sincere. It produces beautiful content that touches the hearts of the different target groups.

Total Design was responsible for the strategy, concept development and production of all resources. The “Hero video,” the cut downs and social ads. On LinkedIn mainly the employers (managers, HR and MT) were approached, on Facebook the employee target group. The campaign was also supported with Homepage Takeovers, pre-rolls and Digital Out of Home expressions. On the online platform “How’s it going?” people were given tips and tricks to enter the conversation by practical philosopher Elke Wiss.

The result

The campaign has tremendous impact and reach. The targets for the number of impressions and ‘completed video views’ are more than met. The 3-minute ‘Hero video’ has over 6.5 million impressions (2 times more than the target) and a very high CTR (Click Through Rate) of 2%. Notable is the extremely high viewout rate of the ‘Hero video’, the VTR (View Through Rate) was 57.5%, which is exceptional for a 3-minute video. It indicates that people really want to take the time to watch it and underlines the objective of the campaign.

In addition, the PR effort generated a media value of 1,114,600 Euros