Monumental reassurance campaign

APG is the largest pension administration organization in the Netherlands. The organization works for pension funds and employers in various sectors, including education, government, construction, cleaning, housing associations, sheltered employment, medical specialists, and architectural firms. Each sector has its own pension fund.

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The question

After 100 years, and with the Senate’s approval of the new Future Pensions Act, the Dutch pension system is facing a period of transition.

This transition will take several years. It is a complex transition, and it is also a source of anxiety for participants. But pension funds are exactly the specialists you can trust to manage this transition. During this momentous transition, how will we reassure millions of participants?

APG asked us to come up with a HERO concept for a storyline that highlights the goodness of the joint pension accumulation that will be preserved in the new system. The Dutch pension system, the best in the world for 100 years, must be preserved for the future.

The concept is intended to apply to at least three pension funds: ABP, SPW, and bpfBOUW, and should then be developed into fund-specific Hero content for each of these three funds. The main objective is to increase the level of trust in the renewed pension system and the level of trust in ABP, SPW, and bpfBOUW as pension funds.

The insight

The Dutch pension system has recently been voted once again as the best in the world. This is something of which we can all be very proud. It is of great national importance, both literally and metaphorically. It is an icon of our national heritage.

Therefore, we need to cherish, preserve, and renovate it so that it is of lasting value, just like other icons such as the Delta Works, the Cathedral Tower, and our ‘Dutch Masters’. If we are aware of its importance, we will also be better able to understand that it must be adapted to the times to preserve it.

The concept

The concept captures the grandeur of the pension system by relating it in text and image to the Delta Works, the ‘Dutch Masters’, the Cathedral Tower, and the Dome of Haarlem. These icons of Dutch heritage are cherished, protected, and maintained. Just like our pension system.

The three films for the different funds start in the same way, but each film has its own twist. In a fund-specific sequel, the participants recognize themselves. Different people eventually retire, such as a teacher, construction worker, or a housing association manager. These people also play a role in the first iconic part of the film, so the whole thing feels natural. The pension managers show on an individual level how they see their responsibility and role in the pension transition.


  • bpfBOUW
  • SPW
  • ABP

Deepening ABP campaign

For each age group, we developed audience-specific videos that link to pages explaining how retirement works in their life stage.