Dirk's message

No complicated promotions for supermarket chain Dirk. Just a strong campaign that communicates what Dirk stands for: that day in, day out, the customer can find everything they want for the very lowest prices. That’s the message of Dirk.

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Good quality and affordable. Since 1939.

Dirk’s honest, transparent, no-nonsense outlook is nothing new. Dirk van den Broek had noted an ‘I want more for my money’ attitude amongst customers back in 1939, when he went from door to door with his milk float: “If you don’t reward your customers, they’re just as likely to buy their milk from someone else.” Good quality yet affordable. Day in, day out. That was Dirk’s approach then and that’s Dirk’s approach today.

Making strategic choices

The focus needed to shift from ‘affordable’ to ‘good quality and affordable’. The benefit to the customer had to be at the heart of every decision. And that means making choices. For example, not offering savings promotions or online shopping, as ultimately these things are paid for by the customer. Moreover, saving promotions are temporary and don’t create any loyalty.

Daily mission

The campaign ‘Dirk’s message’ communicates how Dirk guarantees that day in, day out, the customer can find everything they want for the lowest prices. Customers don’t have to keep an eye out for special promotions and can count on low prices, Dirk’s daily mission.

The supermarket chain is positioned as a genuine family business and this is stressed in communications, from flyers to commercials. So the design is activation-oriented, the colours in-your-face and the tone no-nonsense. After all, the customer must be able to rely on Dirk every day. That’s why the special offers are in bold, why the ‘Voordelers’ (‘Bargain Boys’) are always there for the customer, and why shopping is simply affordable, and thus fun.

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