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New brand for world market leader in micro-precision components.

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Muon is the new holding name of an international group of companies specialised in the development of micro precision components. In co-production, they work with some of the world’s most innovative high-tech companies, for example in the medical, semiconductor, digital printing and food industries.

Miniaturisation is becoming more and more important. The complexity, speed and performance of components is increasing at an incredible rate (Moore’s Law), while at the same time their size and energy usage need to be continually reduced. Through close and intensive collaboration, limits can be extended faster and further.

A new brand
In 2019, Total Design was asked to develop a new brand for the holding company, from positioning to name, visual identity to communications. The name was developed in collaboration with Skriptor Zigila. Following a process in which dozens of names were considered, Muon came out best in international research. A micron or mu is one thousandth of a millimetre. So Muon literally refers to the world of micro precision, something their professional target group will instantly recognise. So while the name is new, it immediately feels familiar.

Visual identity
More than anything, the visual identity needed to be simple, high-tech and eye-catching. It was decided to have a very elementary logo combined with shapes and colours created by the play of light on the metal alloys from which the components are made. The forms are abstractions and enlargements of various technical drawings, thus making the invisible visible.

There has also been huge progress made in terms of communications. The tendency of technical companies to begin by talking about the technology and only afterwards about its applications has been turned on its head. The focus is now primarily on what Muon delivers. Innovations that are possible thanks to Muon, and its impact on the daily lives of people and the world around them. And from this perspective all content, for both corporate and product presentations, has now been redeveloped.

Ingredient brand
An ingredient brand (à la ‘Intel inside’) has also been developed, so that Muon can be presented within the communication environment of its major clients.

One strong group
Ultimately, the operating companies will also adopt the new brand identity, while still retaining their own names, to create an even stronger group.

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