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Every shot counts

We have been dealing with COVID-19 in the Netherlands since March 2020, and have already had three outbreaks resulting in lockdowns. In 2021, the House of Representatives did not want another outbreak after summer. For that reason, a legislative amendment was prepared that would make quarantine mandatory after returning from a high-risk area. To verify that obligation, a quarantine declaration was devised that had to be filled out by travellers.

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  • Narrative Policy Development
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The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport asked for an agency that could lead a design process within a complex and political organisation and cooperation. TD was asked to coordinate this process with all partners, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, Ministry of Justice, the security regions, the major carriers and the municipalities. Both the process and the means of controlling the quarantine declaration had to be designed, as did its enforcement.

Within five weeks, both the digital and print versions of the quarantine declaration had been designed and tested through user research. Its implementation had also been prepared and the process of monitoring and enforcement was mapped out. Starting in April, this implementation was carried out by the Ministry itself. TD remained involved and assisted in the communication, translation and accessibility of the print version of the declaration and devised a Quarantine Service Point (QSP), for help from all partners. The entire process, including law development and implementation was completed in 4 months and thus early summer 2021.

It didn’t take long for a new problem to arise. The vaccination campaign – led by RIVM – was in full swing. It was conducted in age cohorts. However, not everyone was getting vaccinated, and by June 2021 all ages had been covered. A follow-up strategy was requested. This was found in a new narrative “Every Shot Counts” and the platform The idea turned out to be as simple as it was effective. It became the central narrative and platform from the government, emphasised in the press conference by Minister De Jonge. It was also a first successful integration between all vaccination sites of all regional GGDs together with the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports.

Hereafter, several design tasks were addressed, such as reaching groups that were initially not reached based on data research. Also, after a singleminded belief in vaccination, communication and services were opened up more to people who doubt vaccination through

Currently – October 2022 – TD is leading a strategic collaboration process to achieve greater alignment of all services between RIVM, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports and GGD/LCCB. A first result is the central counter that was launched before the summer recess. The intended result of the strategic trajectory is better Corona services to all citizens.

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— Tamas Erkelens, Programme Manager Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport

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