LTO Netherlands. Good food, beautiful greenery and strong entrepreneurship.

LTO Netherlands

LTO Netherlands has earned a reputation as a staunch advocate for farmers and market gardeners in the Netherlands, tirelessly promoting their economic and social interests with great success over the years. However, the current polarised landscape of transitioning towards sustainable agriculture and horticulture demands more from us.

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Farmers and market gardeners in the Netherlands are facing major changes. They face fundamental issues. About sustainable production. The use of crop protection products. The way they deal with animals. And the effects of the sector on nature, the environment, climate, and the immediate living environment.

There is debate within the agriculture and horticulture sector. What is the best course of action? Moving along and capitalizing on opportunities? Do we accept that, as in any industry, there will be dropouts and newcomers? Resist and defend? Or a little of everything?

It is obvious that the social role and position of the agriculture and horticulture sector will be different in the next 10 years than it has been in the past 40 years. This also requires a different lobbying and communication approach. Therefore, LTO Netherlands is sailing a new course and the organisation is taking a prominent and pronounced position. With a clear statement: ‘We are fully committed to a sustainable future perspective for agricultural entrepreneurs’.

LTO Netherlands’ strategic positioning highlights the inseparable link between farmers, horticulturists, the Netherlands, Europe, and the world. We underscore their essential role and recognize their sector’s expertise and guidance. This leadership is not rooted in an ivory tower or a presumptuous attitude of knowing better, but in lifelong knowledge and experience, a natural manifestation of their leadership.

The new LTO Netherlands logo is distinct and memorable, with bold messaging and unique patterns, colors, and imagery. Our communication strategy consistently focuses on three key themes: good food, beautiful greenery, and strong entrepreneurship. This approach paints a clear and detailed picture of the diverse companies operating in the agriculture and horticulture sectors and highlights their significant contributions. The central message always remains the vital importance of the sector: ensuring food security both nationally and globally.

The agricultural sector is on the eve of all kinds of changes. LTO takes a leading position for the future prospects of our farmers and horticulture. This commitment requires matching design and communication. During a creative process, Total Design helped us create a renewed corporate identity that reflects our role in the transition.

— Hans Van den Heuvel, Managing Director LTO

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