Sky Radio

From functional to feel good

A new look for Sky Radio, the #1 non-stop music station in the Netherlands.

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Strong identity

Sky Radio is the #1 non-stop music station in the Netherlands, with a weekly reach of 3 million listeners and a strong functional profile: well-known music, no DJs. To give the brand more emotional weight, we’ve given Sky Radio a new look.

The logo, colours, typography and design language have been given a new look that makes the identity of Sky Radio stronger: Sky Radio for a positive and relaxed feeling, a feel-good brand for men and women alike.

More impact, more freedom

The images of the artists, the style, the colours and the backgrounds form one whole. As a result, examples have more impact. It also gives the brand much more freedom to play with the elements, making Sky Radio a lot more versatile and colourful. Exactly the things it stands for.

The style and mood of our music have taken centre stage, and are clearly reflected in our branding. Graphically speaking, Sky Radio has become much more powerful and personal.

— Dennis Kuzee, Brand Director Sky Radio

Sky Radio logo opmaak Sky radio logo opmaak
Sky Radio Bruno Mars Justin Timberlake Ed Sheeran
Sky Radio typografie
Sky Radio digital assets ipad iphone
Sky radio abri pink ed sheeran taylor swift
Sky Radio abri poster
Sky radio kerst christmas kerstman
Sky radio keychain
Skyradio beketrtjes met logo
Sky radio merchandise met logo
Sky Radio brand guidelines

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