Amsterdam Light Festival

Reaching a wide audience with light art

Amsterdam Light Festival is a yearly held light art festival in Amsterdam. With the goal of reaching a large and diverse audience and addressing contemporary challenges of inhabitants and visitors of the city. They are able to achieve this by presenting light art in the public space, in the urban and in the digital world.

In preparation for their 11th edition, Amsterdam Light Festival asked us to redo their identity and communication.

We devised a toolbox for them based on simple shapes, colours and gradients that can be combined in myriad ways. This will allow them to use the same style for multiple editions, while showing a fresh face each time. Central recurring element is the circle, which constantly changes and multiplies, like it does in the logo. Added to this are different modes of complexity and ambiguity.

For the current edition an oval version of the circle with a constantly evolving colour gradient were chosen, representing the theme, “Imagine Beyond”. The oval acts as a portal that continuously unlocks and explores new worlds, the beyond. This movement is central to the style, and also brings the static items to life.

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