AIMMS has more satisfied customers thanks to UX

We developed an accessible user experience for AIMMS, market leader in optimisation software, with clients such as Heineken, EasyJet and Nike. Result: 40% more time spent using the software.

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Market leader in advanced optimization software

Thirty years ago, AIMMS began making software to apply mathematics to complex business processes, and so optimize results. Since then, the company has grown to become a market leader in the field of Prescriptive Analytics software. While AIMMS’ underlying technology remains unparalleled, the interface and User Experience (UX) of the applications no longer met the expectations of today’s user.

Clear, intuitive interface design

Based on a long-term innovation roadmap, we have devised, designed and implemented interface components, such as the ‘AIMMS button’. This unleashes the mathematical power of the software to generate maximum value for users.

In the past, users needed a lot of technical knowledge to use the software effectively. The clearer and more intuitive interface makes AIMMS software accessible to increasing numbers of users, in line with the brand promise of ‘Democratising Analytics’. By optimizing the software with user-friendly functions and an attractive design, 40% more time is spent actually using it.


greatly improved

Since its optimisation, users of AIMMS software and apps have enjoyed a much better experience.

User experience and convenience come first

Following two years of intensive collaboration, the AIMMS software now offers a completely new experience, with more user-friendly features and an attractive interface. And as new applications are developed, UX and ease-of-use are now taken into account from the get-go.

All UI components and design principles are laid down in the AIMMS Design System, which developers can use to take the applications’ UX to a higher level. This in turn lets customers building applications with AIMMS technology, such as Shell and FujiFilm, benefit from better design.

The collaboration with Total Design was fantastic from day one. The team immediately understood what was needed, and came up with concrete, innovative ideas that will increase the value of our products. The first results are very positive.

— Gertjan de Lange, product owner AIMMS

We work with AIMMS on a daily basis to further develop the software and give more and more companies access to the mathematical power to optimize their business processes.

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