U10 Regio

A special Atlas for Utrecht

The U10 - Atlas Regio Utrecht (U10 Utrecht Regional Atlas) has been developed as a cornerstone of the spatial and economic course the region of Utrecht will be taking. The Atlas offers strategic and operational information to provide insights into how the region can be developed in a robust and resilient manner.

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A cornerstone of the land-use planning and economic course

The bustling villages and towns of Utrecht, Woerden, Stichtse Vecht, De Bilt, Zeist, Houten, Nieuwegein, Vianen and IJsselstein are part of the region of Utrecht, and closely interlinked. As an infrastructural hub, millions of people pass through the region by car or public transport on their way to their destination. But what exactly is the region of Utrecht? Is there really a single region; and if so, what are its key characteristics? How do people live and work in the region, and where do they spend their free time?

To answer these questions, the U10 Utrecht Regional Atlas has been developed to stress the shared identity, mutual cohesion and differences within the region, and to put down a cornerstone for the spatial and economic course the region will take.

Data insights

The Atlas combines strategic and operational information to provide insights into how existing social and economic cohesion can be developed in the future.

The regional cohesion and differences, as well as the shared identity of the ten municipalities, have been investigated from four perspectives: ‘working and learning’, ‘living’, ‘recreation and adventure’ and ‘mobility’. Key data is highlighted by means of a character who makes a journey through the region, showing how people get about within the region. Infographics have been created for each of the perspectives.

Local politicians and stakeholders use the Atlas to help them define common goals


Design Award

In 2018, U10 - Atlas Regio Utrecht received a silver European Design Award in the category Infographics & Print, and two German Design Awards in the categories Excellent Communications Design and Universal Design.

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