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300% more clients for ArbeidsmarktInZicht

Increasing the number of clients of Etil and time spent on their website by introducing a new brand name and high-tech dashboard.

  • UX Design
  • Dashboard
  • Rebranding
  • UI Design

A new dashboard

Etil is a research agency with regional governments, Quangos and Dutch SMEs amongst its client base, whom it provides with information about the labour market. The old dashboard for was too technical and user-unfriendly, and needed optimizing.

From data to impact

Sharing data alone isn’t enough. Data must be made personal and relevant. Only then will it have an impact. So not just counting, but recounting. This was the starting point for the new dashboard, where stories support graphs and vice-versa. Other requirements of the optimisation were that editors should easily be able to add content and for the site to be accessible to the general public.

Etil’s digital dashboard is now less technical, more user-friendly and more narrative-based. This has increased the number of clients times three and visitors now spend four times longer on the site than previously.

More time on the website

Visitors stay four times longer on the new platform than the previous one. So their attention is retained for longer, deepening the contact Etil has with its visitors.


New clients

The platform was initially developed in collaboration with two provincial governments. There are currently five provinces and three regions using it. The platform can be scaled to accommodate more provinces or municipalities and can also be customised to the needs of specific regions or use cases.

A new trade name and brand

A new dashboard calls for a new trade name and brand, so ArbeidsmarktInZicht (LabourMarketInSight) was born, along with a new corporate identity and social media campaigns.

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