05 May 2022

TD Cascade continues to focus on financial reporting with the acquisition of Domani

The Hague based agency Domani, founded in 2013 by Annemarie van Rijn and specialized in annual reports, has merged as of April 13th with TD Cascade, part of Total Design Amsterdam.
The acquisition of Domani gives TD Cascade a leading position in the world of financial and non-financial corporate reporting. Driven by digitalization, changing legislation, social developments and demanding stakeholders, financial reporting is subject to major changes. By linking reporting to the existing expertise in the field of branding, communication and technology, Total Design wants to be at the forefront of these developments.
With the takeover of Domani, Total Design expands its clientele in an essential market segment and is committed to national and international growth. Cascade already brought in clients such as a.s.r., Bouwinvest, Amvest, CBRE, Deloitte and Umicore. Domani works for JustEatTakeaway.com, Signify, Fugro and Volker Wessels, among others. Thus, the client portfolio in financial services, real estate and industry is grown further.

Olga IJspeert, former director/owner of Cascade, and Annemarie van Rijn, director/owner of Domani until the acquisition, will both remain active to make the integration of Domani and TD Cascade even more successful. Domani is still located at Mauritskade 49 in The Hague, but will move in with TD Cascade as of July 1st at Pedro de Medinalaan 9 in Amsterdam.