02 May 2023

Annual reports, an unusual discipline

TD Cascade is a high-level design team specializing in creating annual reports. Their clients belong to the most prominent companies, often listed on the stock exchange, in various sectors such as banking and insurance, construction and real estate, industry and utilities. They also serve large organizations in the public and social sector. In all cases, in addition to financial reporting, corporate identity, the production process or service provision, and sustainability play a major role in the annual report. For designers, this requires much more than just good design skills and keeping a close eye on necessary deadlines.

In recent years, the production process, content, and design of the annual report have completely changed. This is partly due to new techniques and applications, but mostly due to stricter, modified European legislation regarding transparency, sustainability, and corporate responsibility. ESG has become the new currency for value, making non-financial results just as important as financial performance. The concept of ‘value’ extends beyond profit; it is also about creating value for people and society.

Meanwhile, technology has not stood still. For the mentioned companies and organizations, the printed annual report has become a rarity. Most annual reports are now online and multi-channel. An important development is the ability to report all year round, keeping the figures and performance up-to-date.

The annual report gains further value by also highlighting the corporate mission and vision, and the company’s core values, along with the figures and performance.

The new annual report has completely changed the way organizations think, plan, and report. The annual report tells an authentic story about value creation and continuity. The corporate reputation and brand are literally forged into one.

As mentioned, TD Cascade has the knowledge and experience, and alongside creativity and quality, reliability and perseverance are highly valued. Their loyal customer base serves as proof.

Are you surprised? Do you have any questions? For more information, Olga IJspeert, Head of Teams at TD Cascade, would be happy to assist you. You can reach her by calling her mobile at 06-53745068 or by email at olga@tdcascade.com.