28 February 2023

Firda Brand Development

Firda. Learn yourself through life.

Two educational institutions – Friesland College and ROC Friese Poort – merge and continue as Firda.

Starting August 1, 2023, this brand-new secondary vocational education will offer solid and contemporary education in Friesland and Northern Flevoland. The name Firda is derived from the Swedish word “celebrate. At Firda they celebrate the connection with their environment.

The world never stands still and requires constant adaptation. Not only to the environment but certainly to each other. Firda looks at what is needed in society and what the student is willing and able to do in it.

The merger between ROC Friese Poort and Friesland College provides the scale to make a difference. For example, the unification ensures that courses for scarce professions can still be offered. Firda is the regional brain port where knowledge is shared, collected, and brought.

Firda’s aim is to reach out with new energy to the student who wants to grow and prosper. In order to be more successful, happier, and healthier. And most importantly, to celebrate life.

Teach yourself through life
Firda offers the opportunity to learn more than just a skill. Students are connected to the region to learn with and from each other. Students are encouraged to be open to new and different insights in order to become agile and resilient people.

Firda is not just an educational institution, but a life path in which there is always room to continue learning and find out what is important to the individual: in life and in the profession being practiced. Because learning a craft in school says nothing about what makes the student happy in practice.
Craftsmanship is linked to the community. Knowledge is linked to responsibility. Learned skills to a meaningful life. Thus, the student succeeds not only in the profession but also in life.

Watch the video to see the steps we have taken as Total Design during this project. From two separate colleges with their own educational offerings to one strong, new brand: Firda.