Total Design case: logo and brand identity for Victor Russo

Victor Russo Osteria

Italian slow food taste sensations

Victor Russo is a young Italian entrepreneur who started an Italian L’Osteria franchise in the Netherlands.

As an extension to their existing retail and wholesale operation, Russo’s, the first Slow-Food based L’Osteria, has been opened in the city centre of Leiden.

Russo’s is characterised by his own perky style and unique dishes. Our challenge was to create an all Italian food experience tickling the taste buds of the Dutch customers. Ornamental symbolism and 18th century engravings creates a historical connection to the fruit and vegetable portraits of the 16th century Italian painter Arcimboldo. The ingredients of these traditional Italian products are the main characters of the story, creating a brand identity that is all about taste.

"The biggest challenge was to let the Dutch public experience this concept the way a native Italian would experience it. It’s about finding a way to communicate with the guest’s taste buds, the starting point being created by the flavours of the wines and ingredients."

Victor Russo