De Nederlandsche Bank brand had to be re-charged in order to once again become compelling. But it had to be done modestly.

De Nederlandsche Bank has three core tasks: since 1814 the central bank has regulated our monetary policy, payment transactions and is the regulator for the financial sector. However, as a result of the financial crisis the role of the DNB had become less clear; confidence had to be restored.

The assignment for Total Design: Reposition the DNB brand based on the brand values of ‘authoritative’, ‘decisive’, ‘visible’ and ‘stability’.


The brand had to be more up-to-date and efficient, and the same also applied for the house style. However, given DNB’s role in society, the repositioning had to be modest in nature. With its new logo, DNB can now fulfil its various roles and appeal to its different target groups with clarity.

We decided to use the colour Royal Blue, a mixture of blue (the colour of the financial sector) and purple (the colour of independence).

Financial dashboard

After the reposition we were asked to think about a way to make financial data more accessible online. We developed an online dashboard on which you can follow actual economic developments, make your own stats and download specific datasets.

Gaming style

In addition to its mission, the DNB considers educating the next generation as an important task. Total Design designed a consistent illustration style for online games and thematic lessons. For this project, Total Design received a honourable mention from The International Design Awards, in May 2017.

Celebrating 200 years De Nederlandsche Bank, book design.

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