A prize-winning rebranding into a challenger-brand

You are key. Evoke centers you.

Evoke is a tech hiring agency transforming into a technology community, to stay on top in a competitive market. A rebranding was needed to facilitate this transformation.

We rebranded Evoke as a ‘challenger brand’. The company challenges the market place, it isn’t afraid to commit to talent and links to ambition and opportunity.

Evoke’s brand states: ‘Your development is the answer to the client’s question. So, we center you!’ With this distinct statement the brand shares its values and aspirations with the tech community. From that perspective this challenger brand is also a mentality brand.

Thus, we created a brand that also arouses an emotional attachment: I am Evoked in every possible way. I am fit. Successful. Fresh. Cheerful. Fun. Happy. Valuable. Nice. Festive. Prosperous. Generous. Healthy. Smart. Together.

The entire corporate identity emits the core brand proposition: You are key. Evoke centers you.

The new logo can turn every way in three dimensions, by applying motion, animation and 3D.

We developed the brand into a broad visual identity, from communication to interior, from guidelines to video and website.

With colours, typography and positive attitude statements we typified the lifestyle and experience of the specific target group.

Evoke’s new corporate identity received a honourable mention at the International Design Awards, May 2018.

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