Total Design case: Positioning and profiling GustoMSC as thought leader


Positioning a thought leader in offshore engineering

Offshore design- and engineering company GustoMSC needed to reposition themselves on the market. Together with Total Design, the company went through an identity process that resulted in a customer-oriented strategy and new, distinctive positioning.

The company was founded in 1862 and has a long and rich history. Today, they are a global market leader in the offshore business.

The offshore energy market is complex and even though demand for fossil energy sources increases now, it will lose ground to sustainable sources in the long term. GustoMSC plays a key role as a thought leader on the market, using its know-how and technological excellence to solve these future environmental challenges.

Our strategic team supported in developing their business segmentation to ensure a better return on investment as well as an efficient future proofed R&D process.

This new business strategy was then translated into an emotionally relevant brand identity, combined with a customer-focused marketing- and communication strategy.

One of their key brand communication touch points is the InSide GustoMSC magazine. We were very happy to see it win a golden award at the International Design Awards in May 2018.