Positioning and profiling GustoMSC as a thought leader

For GustoMSC, a new, customer-oriented strategy and positioning paved the way for a clear corporate identity and marketingstrategy.

Offshore design- and engineering company GustoMSC needed to reposition itself in the market. Together with Total Design, the company went through an identity trajectory that resulted in a customer-oriented strategy and new, distinctive positioning.

Founded in 1862, the company has enjoyed a long and rich history, and is a global market leader.

The offshore energy market is very complex. The demand for fossil energy sources increases and will only lose ground to sustainable sources in the long term.
A global community appeals to the innovative power of the different players in the market. They expect them to come up with answers to these complex issues.

This knowledge allowed us to position and profile GustoMSC as a thought leader in its market. The strength of the company is the extremely high level of know-how among its staff of 150 people.

We defined three key client segments, each to be tackled differently. This not only leads to a better return on investment in general, but also offers perspective on successful investments in R&D.

The sharpened business strategy and client analysis were translated into a clear and consistent identity, together with a customer-focused marketing- and communication strategy, based on contentmarketing.

Through our contentmarketing strategy, we show that the company stands for intellect, innovation, creativity and reliability.

GustoMSC’s client magazine InSide forms the central medium for this strategy. InSide is published twice a year and sent to clients, prospects and employees worldwide in a circulation of about 4,000 copies.

We applied a stylish editorial design and a clear lay out with a proper balance between images and content.

Inside GustoMSC recently won a golden award at the International Design Awards, May 2018.

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