Meet Stedelijk Gebied Eindhoven

Combining data-driven insights with storytelling

The prizewinning book explores the connection between nine municipalities in the region of Eindhoven.

Stedelijk Gebied Eindhoven is a collection of nine collaborating municipalities in the area around Eindhoven, in the province Noord-Brabant. This region inhabits 500.000 people.

In order to provide the inhabitants with a sustainable future, some understanding of the region is of importance. This book will contribute to that.

‘Ontmoet’ (‘Meet’) explores the connection between the municipalities from the viewpoint of living, work and offered utilities in the area.

We added data-driven insights with personal stories. Then we mapped the needs and movements of inhabitants from different phases in life. Which is fundamental for problemsolving and contributes to a better collaboration between municipalities.

Besides the books we also designed the website and means of communication for this project, for instance outdoor posters.

The book received a silver award at the International Design Awards (IDA) in Los Angeles, May 2018.