Sportcampus Zuiderpark

Creating a vivid and activating brand identity

A design that supports all sportive, educational and social initiatives.

The Municipality of The Hague, the Hague University Of Applied Sciences and ROC Mondriaan School opened a new sports campus, called Sportcampus Zuiderpark. Te programme of events is organised by both international sports organizations and local schools, and connects top sports to local sports education and social initiatives.

To get a design that facilitates all these initiatives, we’ve created a vivid and activating brand identity.

The most striking decoration in the new building’s architecture (made by FaulknerBrowns) is a giant ‘ribbon’, which we used to create the core visual element.

We’ve translated the new identity into a website, screen displays, mobile apps, animated logos, et cetera.

The 3D-logo implies movement. The visual identity consists of large and colourful photography, plus bold typography.