Designing a future for Royal FloraHolland

A new strategy and identity

The marketplace for flowers and plants is changing fast. It is time for a new strategy, and a visual identity that suits the new goals of Royal FloraHolland.

Royal FloraHolland, a cooperative of growers of flowers and plants, has been in existence for 117 years, having since developed into a global marketplace with 4,500 members. Annual turnover amounts 4.5 billion euro.

In line with the new strategy that was developed in 2015, Total Design came up with a new identity and branding.

Together with Royal FloraHolland we presented the cooperative as a smart, innovative and ambitious organisation:

“Flowering the world, planting seeds of opportunity for our members.”

In response to this positioning we developed all the touch points and brand formats & resources.

‘It’s so nice to formulate and introduce a new identity and house style for an organisation with so much history. All those different stakeholders to consider, and still we hit the bull’s-eye…’

Katja Bouwmeester, Communications Media Manager at Royal FloraHolland

'It felt like coming home when I saw it. So logical, so simple, so beautiful – so it just clicked right away with me. It was special! '

Lucas Vos – Royal FloraHolland
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