On July 28, 2014 up to 90 millimetres of rain fell in Amsterdam within a few hours. The city couldn’t handle that volume of water. Parts of the A10 highway were closed and the streets turned into canals.

The deluge caused a social media-storm. People called for immediate action.

Part of the solution is Amsterdam Rainproof, an initiative of Waternet, the organisation that is in charge of the handling of all things water-related in Amsterdam.
Rainproof is an open platform for citizens, policymakers, housing corporations, research institutes, property developers and businesses – everyone who wants to make Amsterdam more rainproof.

Total Design was asked to make these issues more clear and tangible, empowering people to take action.

The result: a logotype, visual identity, design manual, a full-scale campaign and the creation of a website and knowledge platform.

Open brand

The Rainproof brand is an open brand: made for the users. Other cities can ‘localise’ it for their own benefit. The logotype symbolises all stakeholders and sub-themes.

Enthusiasm is the unifying theme of all communication, executed across all touch points under the slogan: Every raindrop counts.

Interactive platform

The Rainproof website has been built as a service platform, offering local stakeholders to communicate, share and publish their own content.

The campaigns and projects from Rainproof and its 83 partners has resulted in more than 204 articles in printed and social media and 35 items on local and national radio and television.

“Our diversity and versatile approach is beautifully reflected in the creative concept from Total Design”

Lot Locher (Amsterdam Rainproof)
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