NPO - Total Design


Guiding 4 million viewers a day

NPO is the national public broadcaster in the Netherlands, with three channels (NPO1, NPO2 and NPO3) and 4 million viewers every day. In 2017 we were asked to strengthen the identity of each channel, strengthening their individual profiles and creating stronger bonds with each of their audiences.

The Netherlands have a unique system in Europe with 6 independent broadcast member organisations that are responsible for their own content, all under the NPO umbrella. The broadcasters have access to all three NPO channels, using the one that has the best fit with each piece of content.

NPO1, the family channel. Their programs are the talk of the day; news, popular talk shows, events, national elections, sports and entertainment. Values: indispensable, real for everyone

NPO2, mirroring the world. The channel of in-depth journalism and imagination. With debates, research-journalism, documentaries, cultural and lifestyle programs. Values: impactful, independent, societal.

NPO3, the youth channel. Explorative, experimental, breaking conventions, optimistic, cheerful with humour and lots of music. Values: innovative, real, impactful, opinionated.

The ambition was to put the content at the forefront while giving the viewer a full brand-experience with clear and easy navigation. Every channel now has their own personality in the big NPO family.

The result is a strong and extremely varied media platform with content that can compete with any international player entering the Dutch broadcast market.

Our Total Design team were responsible for strategy, overarching concept and creative direction. We led and had great collaborations with multiple agencies in this project. Motion graphics were done by OOQ (NPO1), Holland Centraal (NPO2) and Woodwork (NPO3). Sound identities were created by KH-Music (NPO1 & NPO2) and Massive Music (NPO3).