A new name to pinpoint new business

In 2014, ING Group’s insurance and investment management operations were spun off to form NN in preparation for IPO. The new name and logo played an important role in its success.

The NN IPO was the largest IPO on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange (AEX) since KPN in 1998.
Two years before the IPO, Total Design was asked to collaborate on a new name, and to develop a new logo and visual identity.

We investigated more than 300 brand names and tested various logos across several countries. The name ‘NN’ came out on top. This was due, primarily, to the strong name recognition that ‘Nationale – Nederlanden’ still had in several key markets. Despite the rebranding to ING several years earlier, the name recognition still remained at an average level of 65%. The new logo was also by far the favourite during testing.


The new visual identity builds on the identity of Nationale Nederlanden, created by Koeweiden Postma in 2010.

With one big difference: illustrations and new advertising style play a prominent role. The latter was developed in collaboration with Khanna/Reidinga – McCann Erickson.

The illustrations combine line drawings with aquarelles. The drawings explain the financial products and services in a much clearer way.


The NN brand values – Care, Clear and Commit – are also reflected in the photography. They show daily situations which customers can relate to. Images that convey optimism, using people who are active and look natural.

NN operates in 18 countries, primarily in Europe, and has more than 12,000 employees and 15 million customers. That’s why we also developed the NN Brand Portal, for a smooth roll out of the new identity.

“The combination of creativity, effectiveness and efficiency is not always the easiest. But if it succeeds, the result is great.”

Frank Lina, brand manager corporate identity NN