Total Design case: NN, a new name & logo to pin point new business

NN Group

Bringing our largest insurance company closer to the people
Nationale Nederlanden building

In 2014, the ING Group, one of the top 20 banks in the world, wanted to rebrand and rename their insurance company making it ready for its IPO.

The result is the new NN Group, previously known as Nationale Nederlanden. The NN IPO was the largest one on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange (AEX) since KPN was introduced back in 1998.

Our teams at Total Design have worked on various projects for NN, including creating their new brand identity and communication concept, building a digital brand portal and developing the new name and brand hierarchy.

When working on the new name and brand hierarchy, we investigated more than 300 brand names and tested various logotypes across several countries. The name ‘NN’ was a clear favourite, primarily because of the strong name recognition that Nationale Nederlanden had on several key markets.

The NN brand values of Care, Clarity and Commitment are reflected throughout the brand. The photo style shows authentic everyday situations in an optimistic way. Line drawings and water colour illustrations break the category codes of the world of finance and insurance, portraying a more people friendly and positive brand. The advertising concept was developed with Khanna/Reidinga – McCann Erickson.

NN operates in 18 countries, has more than 12,000 employees and 15 million customers. That’s why we built the digital NN Brand Portal, ensuring a smooth roll out of the new identity on all local markets.

“The combination of creativity, effectiveness and efficiency is not always the easiest. But when it succeeds, the result is great.”

Frank Lina, brand manager corporate identity NN