Jewish Cultural Quarter

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Impressive richness

The former Jewish District can be found in the heart of Amsterdam. Three museums bear witness to the cultural and religious life in the District through the centuries: the Jewish Historical Museum, the Portuguese Synagogue and the National Holocaust Memorial.

Together, they comprise the heart of the Jewish Cultural Quarter. With monumental synagogues, the oldest Jewish library in the world and the National Holocaust Memorial, the Jewish Cultural Quarter is a remarkable place in Amsterdam, and in the world.

The assignment: develop an iconic brand without the use of common Jewish symbolism, such as the Star of David or the menorah. Also, the logo must not compete with the existing logos of the museums.


The new logo is derived from the square patterns found in the architecture of the Great Synagogue (1671), the oldest of the four synagogues in the District and home to the Jewish Historical Museum (JHM). The vertical lines pay homage to the lists of names in the National Holocaust Memorial.

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