Total Design case: Jewish Cultural Quarter logo, house style and websites

Jewish Cultural Quarter

Three museums, one identity

The former Jewish quarters can be found in the heart of Amsterdam. Three museums bear witness to the cultural and religious life in the area through the centuries; the Jewish Historical Museum, the Portuguese Synagogue and the National Holocaust Memorial. Together, they comprise the heart of the Jewish Cultural Quarter.

Our first assignment: develop an iconic brand without the use of common Jewish symbolism, such as the Star of David or the Menorah. Also, the identity should not compete with the visual identities of the three museums.

The new logotype is inspired by the square patterns found in the architecture of the Great Synagogue (1671). The blue and purple colour comes from a rabbi’s garment. The vertical lines pay homage to the lists of names in the National Holocaust Memorial.

Bringing the collections online
We also brought the story of the Jewish Cultural Quarter online in the same way you explore a real neighbourhood, wandering from place to place discovering new things behind every corner. Almost the entire collection of 147 000 items is made accessible online.

The Salomon works
Artist Charlotte Salomon captured the story of her family during World War II in 800 paintings, texts and scenarios. After her deportation and death, the artworks were preserved, and her family donated the collection to the Jewish Historical Museum. In 2017, our creative team at Total Design helped make it possible to, for the first time ever, enjoy all the gouaches at once in the new online collection.