A logo that acts as an ingredient brand

Hortus Botanic Guardians

The Dutch Association of Botanical Gardens (NVBT) asked us to develop a name, logo and identity for the shared activities of the 25 associated gardens. All in the context of the Year of the Botanical Gardens (2017).

The follow-up question was to develop a campaign to raise awareness, first about the importance of biodiversity conservation and second to draw a younger audience to the gardens.

This ambition contained a paradox, since the value of the gardens also lies in their tranquility. Therefore, we reversed the question, from ‘how to take the people to the gardens’ to ‘how to take the gardens to the people’.

We decided to focus on the mission of the botanical gardens: ‘to preserve and protect biodiversity’.

The Hortus Botanic Guardians brand we developed together with Globrands and TheBrandHotel.

We came up with a logo that acts as an ingredient brand. It’s easy to apply and does not compete with the brands to which it is connected.

For the visual identity and campaign, we followed the ‘Guardian’ theme. A colorful and kaleidoscopic style, which reflects the symmetry and vulnerable balance of nature.

By displaying the logo on their products, organizations show that conserving biodiversity is important to them. This way they are able to introduce themselves into the brand environment of people who may never have heard of a Hortus.

The Hortus brand identity has won a European Design Award in 2017, in the category‘Integrated Identity Applications’.