Total Design case: making Hema more Hema than before


Revitalising a Dutch retail icon

HEMA asked Total Design to develop a new communication and brand concept.

HEMA’s legacy as a design and communication leader is constantly challenged by new players on the market. Before our remake, HEMA also suffered from a lack of consistency across their touch points. The brand essence was ‘exceptional simplicity’. This was our starting point and core of our creative concept.

Their previous logotype was very recognisable but worked only on a white surfaces. We transformed the HEMA logotype into something of a label and an central part of all their communication. It did not only make HEMA more colourful, but also saved millions of Euros, avoiding additional printing costs.

All touch points of the brand were revised: photos style, iconography, packaging, typography, brand communication and so forth.

The project was nominated for the Dutch Design Award and boosted the popularity and success of the brand.

“We are more Hema now, than we were before.”

René Repko – former CMO Hema