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De Persgroep
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De Persgroep is one of the biggest media companies in the Netherlands. Total Design optimised their branded content offering.

De Persgroep’s online magazines and newspapers have a wide reach, both national and regional. With branded content, online advertising becomes interesting for a variety of advertisers.

However, producing branded content can be a costly and time-consuming process. To be successful, De Persgroep needed a new strategy.

Total Design created a way to make it cost-efficient and scalable. Our team prototyped an online toolbox, equipped with a lot of content ‘blocks’. Advertisers can now quickly set up their content:

With the help of data-analytics and best practices, advertisers can also use the best performing templates, boosting their impact and efficiency.

This modular system will enable advertisers to reduce their costs with up to 90 percent, which of course opens up for a more diverse group of advertisers in the different De Persgroep media companies.


With this toolbox, De Persgroep changes the foundation of their business model, opening up for more business with a more varied group of advertisers – microservices for smaller advertisers and custom made services for the bigger players on the market, benefitting all parties.

The branded content publishing platform is the first phase in a large self-service platform for content marketing. Soon to be applied by all Persgroep brands.

"Thanks to Total Design, our platform now offers branded content and optimal online reach. And we are making better use of the capacity of both our salesforce and commercial editors."

Christel van den Hazel, directeur Business Development De Persgroep
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