Bisnez - Total Design

Bisnez is growing, both in turnover and number of employees. They reached out to Total Design to further fuel their growth.

Bisnez helps companies and institutions drive their change management. Change has also been an essential part of the Bisnez brand since its foundation in 2003, from a small startup to a multi-million business. The key to their success is the devotion and contagious energy you see throughout the organisation.

In the Total Design Quick Scan, we examined the most important strategic tasks for Bisnez. These turned out to be Brand Strategy and Branding. The company needed a modern, strong and dynamic brand, encompassing the pride and passion among their employees and their desire to drive positive societal change.

One of the things that strikes you when meeting the Bisnez team is their authenticity and profound dedication to truly understand and connect with their clients. This has been the key theme in our creative process, translating their inner brand into a brand identity defined by guts, boldness and a truly human-centric culture.

This mix of business-driven professionalism and human-centric passion creates the core of the new brand. Bisnez is now changing into a modern network-organization offering employees and clients confidence and autonomy. This ‘confidence in change’ is expressed throughout their communication and visual expression.

“Our new brand powerfully shows we are setting things in motion and keep them going”.

Peter-Willem van Lindenberg, CEO Bisnez