Your perception is constantly shifting

"As far as your mind is concerned, nothing happens the same twice, even if in every technical sense, the thing is identical. Your perception is constantly shifting. It doesn’t stay in one place." – Brian Eno

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Morse codes
DGTL is one of the largest electronic dance festivals in the world, with various editions in the Netherlands, Brazil, Israel, and India. In 2017, we designed their corporate identity for the first time (check here), based on the idea of Morse code, which marks the beginning of digital communication. In 2017 we went a step further and additionally let ourselves be inspired by light effects and by Bauhaus. Because DGTL is more than just a dance festival, it’s about art, sustainability, and social responsibility.

In 2020 DGTL was able to claim to be the first circular, climate-neutral dance festival in the world. That is why the theme for the festivals that year was ‘the Circle.’ Not emphasizing on a closed circle, but rather as a continuously moving and changing system. A system that is unique and recognizable but can also constantly adapt to the music and the location. Each country has its own primary colors. Local (motion) designers and artists can vary endlessly on the theme, creating the energy that suits a brand like DGTL. A brand that you want to share.

Sound waves
Similar to the original idea of the Morse code, the term circle per second was used instead of the frequency indication hertz (Hz). Sound waves have a frequency that is measurable in their number of oscillations, or cycles, per second.

Credits: Animation by Woodwork

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