With the new brand identity, HEMA evolves back to basics

De missie van HEMA: Het dagelijks leven verrijken met praktische, mooie, duurzame en betaalbare 'Dutch Design' producten die met liefde zijn gemaakt.

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Made with love

HEMA’s mission is: a better everyday life in a more beautiful world. At HEMA, therefore, everything is made with love, with a focus on practicality, beauty and design. Products that last longer. Products that are unique thanks to their recognisable ‘Dutch Design’ signature. All this while remaining affordable to everyone.

With the new strategic direction that HEMA took since the end of 2021, a refreshed and modern identity was needed. Total Design was asked to develop this rebranding, focusing on the future, while retaining the unique HEMA charm. Real Dutch Design; minimalistic, experimental, unconventional and with a sense of humor. An identity that only the HEMA brand can afford.

A modern identity

A clear and cheerful look was chosen, with plenty of openness and contrast. The use of white also makes it more daring. This allows more space for the stories behind the products. The unique HEMA products are literally given the stage and the special product features are highlighted.

The well known red HEMA logo forms the basis of the visual identity. However, this red colour is used sparingly; only the logo and the promos are red, all other elements take advantage of a bold and colourful palette. The new and accessible colour palette was developed for a brand that wants to be there for everyone; diverse and inclusive. Whilst also representing the HEMA brand values: modern, cheerful, sober, brave and open. The palette consists only of colours that evoke positive feelings. Colours that make you happy. By keeping white as the primary colour, the whole remains sleek and sober.

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