Changing the world, one piece of plastic at a time

Changing the world, one plastic at a time. Wahu (short for Waste Hub) is a waste management system that brings good to people and planet by encouraging people to collect plastic waste and earn money.

  • Visual Identity
  • UX / UI Design

Being a start-up company operating in Indonesia, we created a visual identity that reflects both cultural and brand aspects.

Starting from the logo, we’re empowering people to pay attention to surroundings and take actions for a more regenerative future. The roundness inside the logo and typeface delivers an accessible and inviting presence that cheers you on.

Inspired by the streets and nature in Indonesia, we mixed bright colors with natural tones, being full of life and flavors.

People are surrounded with plastic objects in daily life, so choosing plastics as the main visual elements is bringing Wahu closer to the audience while displaying their business purpose at the same time.

Next to the overall design guideline we developed the website and designed their collection containers, which will be placed on prominent areas around Indonesia.

The look on their faces when the plastic was weighed and the reward was instantly deposited into their daughter's e-wallet was amazing. All our hard work had paid off, quite literally. The feeling of making a positive impact in people's lives and preventing mismanaged plastic waste is as rewarding as it is motivating. Because that's exactly what Wahu is all about: empowering people and making a positive impact on our world.

— Merlijn Lammersen, founder of Wahu

Here are some images from Wahu’s waste collection points in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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