The move to new headquarters in Amsterdam was a good time for housing investor Vesteda to redefine itself.

  • Visual Identity

Vesteda’s ambition is to become the best performing residential investment fund in the Netherlands. In order to achieve this goal, Vesteda wants to bind tenants to the fund as well as investors. TD Cascade had already produced digital annual reports for Vesteda for many years. The question now was: how can Vestada become a household name in the tenant market without ‘losing’ our investors? It is clear that the corporate market looks and thinks in a different way than consumers do. Vesteda had to choose: which side do I want to show: investing or renting/living? Vesteda chose the latter. A daring but correct choice.

As long as the performance is good, investors will remain loyal. But tenants are harder to convince. TD Cascade designed a logo that in no way reminds one of real estate or housing. The colorful ellipses convey the feeling of freedom and future, two values that tenants in the free rental segment consider important. With Vesteda’s pay-off “Feel at Home” and its ever-increasing supply of life-course housing, Vesteda also emphasizes that tenants are welcome at Vesteda for life. Of course, Vesteda also has to live up to this through the diversity of its housing offering and the quality of its services. But the logo is clear: Vesteda belongs to and serves tenants who want to live comfortably, now and in the future.

The new corporate identity allows Vesteda to gradually develop as a brand in the housing market. By being in direct contact with its tenants, it keeps in touch with the market and can respond to new housing needs and wishes in a timely manner. It can do this because it invests the money of its institutional investors itself. A win-win situation for all parties involved.

Vesteda opted for a corporate identity that appeals primarily to the individual, but without alienating the business market. Whereas some people’s confidence can be won by an associative image, provided it is also borne out by behaviour, others are more likely to be convinced by facts and figures. What you change, adapt, replace or renew is therefore different from case to case. Vesteda chose a logo that primarily expresses its emotional values. Its core values are expressed through short slogans on billboards and in the texts on its job site. A corporate identity in which the internal core values and the external brand values reinforce each other.

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