Connection on the railway

ProRail is facing the biggest challenge in its 180-year history: within ten years, up to 40% more passengers will be transported by rail, and freight transport will grow by 50%. To make this possible, the right people are needed who are attracted by an inspiring employer brand.

  • Visual Identity
  • Employer Branding
  • Employer Value Proposition

Challenge ProRail
To enable the enormous growth in railway traffic, ProRail has a continuous, high recruitment demand for the right people. In an overheated labor market and its own organization aging, it’s crucial for ProRail to position itself strongly as an attractive employer for young professionals.

Intrinsic motivation as the starting point
In order to increase and improve ProRail’s visibility as an employer and to stand out from the competition, the employer brand ProRail needs to be built. This should be done in an understandable way, taking the intrinsic motivation of the target group as a starting point and not only communicating from ProRail as an organisation. Challenging, enthusiastic and activating, with a structural, consistent approach (in word and image), which must be flexible and nimble in order to be able to translate into all activities in the field of labour market communication. This starts with a clear and, above all, decisive, guiding and inspiring Employer Value Proposition (EVP): the promise that ProRail makes to current and future employees as an employer brand. From ‘what ProRail does’ to ‘what’s in it for you as an employee’.

Moving Forward Each Day (Elke Dag Vooruit)
A career is a movement forward. One of interesting challenges. You are not looking for a ‘job’, but for an environment that inspires and challenges. You want to move forward each day. ‘Moving Forward Each Day’ is a forward-looking ambition. It is versatile. It applies to small and large challenges, to all disciplines, in collaboration with partners and within all layers of labor market communication. ‘Moving Forward Each Day’ stands for the continuous change in which ProRail operates and to which you should feel attracted as an employee. ‘Moving Forward Each Day’ because you commit yourself to always take on new challenges.

Employer Branding ProRail

An infrastructure that connects
Within the ProRail network, everyone is part of the progress. We symbolize this by connecting the different elements in a visual infrastructure. Everything, everyone is linked together. This is how we help each other forward as colleagues at ProRail. And how we help Holland move forward together.
‘Moving Forward Each Day’ requires a smart infrastructure that makes routes possible for everyone. And routes don’t just help people move forward, they connect everything together. Within ProRail, and throughout society, everything can be seen as a series of connections. These connections provide the visual basis for ProRail’s new communicative style.

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