Rebranding a German icon

A global rebrand to modernise and unify an iconic German rooted organisation.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Story
  • Brand Design

The TÜV NORD GROUP is a synonym for trust and safety for over 150 years. A brand deeply connected to German industry and society and operating globally in over 100 countries.
Over the years, the brand portfolio grew into more than 70 different brand entities globally.

With the strategic direction to grow closer as a GROUP, the first step was to consolidate the brand architecture, leading to 4 market brands under one umbrella.
Represented by an iconic and bold word mark, symbolized as a label that stands for quality and trust, it allows the individual brands to be the hero, whilst creating unity as a GROUP.

On the path to becoming a knowledge company and an enabler for technological progress and transformation, we helped them formulate a guiding purpose, behavioural values, and a new claim.

Inspired by the origin of the TÜV, operating in a defined and precise testing environment whilst stretching technological limits, we developed a uniting visual identity:

Digital and modern.
Clear and straight forward.
Bold, yet approachable.
Technical, yet human driven.

Next to a clean and modern typeface, we implemented a digital-driven colour set, cherishing the brand’s blue heritage, adding contrasting and vibrant colours as accents.

A flexible design system that can easily adapt to any application, while staying dynamic and recognizable.

We delivered a comprehensive brand identity guideline and toolkit. Brought to life in inspirational benchmark designs and ready-to-use templates to support implementation. Everything made accessible through a digital brand platform.

Total Design further supports the TÜV NORD GROUP in the roll-out, putting the relevance and value of a unified brand on the map, aiming to continuously evolve the visual identity based on internal needs and external developments.

Providing support beyond the transition period, being a partner for continuous branding.

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