Symphonic music experienced anew with Symphony

Providing a brand strategy and visual update for the tech start-up on their path to reinvent how symphonic music is experienced.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • UX / UI Design

Symphony is a platform that makes symphonic music accessible to everyone and changes how orchestras, musicians and composers connect and engage with music livers beyond the concert hall. From the idea to going live in a couple of months – a display of the passion and dedication of the founders of

We helped them evolving their brand and visual identity into a next phase, from functional to more storytelling oriented.

Next to formulizing their brand strategic foundation, we reviewed and refined their visual brand assets and application, without changing the original concept.

Creating a logo animation that tells the story of engagement and close connection between the audience and orchestra.

We added a secondary typeface to break the technological look & feel and adjusted the colour palette into more human driven tones.

It was brought to life in a visual website overhaul as well as additional guidance and inspiration for diverse marketing communication related touchpoints.