Recognizable worldwide

A new flexible visual identity ensures DGTL is recognizable worldwide, but that each country can also develop and produce its own style.

  • Brand Identity
  • Motion design

Rapid internationalization

DGTL is a two-day electronic music festival with a spectacular line-up of 80 artists. Its success and rapid internationalization meant a new visual identity was needed. The existing style was too static and offered too little variation.

Morse code as starting point

The essence of the existing style is Morse code, the first form of digital communication. This is combined with iconic industrial architecture, Bauhaus and lighting in keeping with DGTL. So, a visual platform has been built that allows for endless variations, and each country can develop and produce its own style, while the whole remains 100% DGTL. Necessary for a young, dynamic brand that is mainly active on social media.

Every year, the visual style is adapted for the coming season to ensure consistency between the different editions. Our partner, Woodwork, was responsible for the animations. 

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