Raising pension awareness, and awareness of BeFrank.

Thinking about your pension, even it is still a long way off, is not something we do every day. In most cases, your pension is arranged for you by your employer and, as a result, most people are not very aware of their pension situation. But lack of insight into your pension can lead to making wrong choices that can have far-reaching consequences for later. Total Design worked on a campaign for pension administrator BeFrank.

  • Campaign
  • Brand Awareness

It came to the fore in the discussions between Total Design and online pension administrator BeFrank that the problem was not only that fewer people knew BeFrank than could be expected because of the number of pensions that they administrate, but also the lack of insight into their own pensions, in general, is a real problem within society. Therefore, there was not so much, or not only, a need to increase BeFrank’s name awareness, but above all, also a need to create more awareness throughout society about one’s own pension.

Stimulating, humoristic campaign
Consequently, the campaign that we developed for BeFrank focused on both issues: people have a good pension plan and, above all, better insight into their pensions, and BeFrank can provide this. Attention was drawn to this serious topic with a stimulating and humoristic campaign.

We get people to think about their pension
The campaign shows that many people lack insight into their own pension, which is illustrated with examples of bad plans for the future to get people to think about whether they have arranged their pension that much better. BeFrank then shows how you can do this with an easy step-by-step plan and online tips.

The campaign ‘Good plan’ consisted of a landing page, an online campaign with two YouTube videos and pre-rolls, web banners and three radio commercials.


million people

1 million people in the target group reached at least once with the radio commercials.



The online messages of this campaign were shown in total 11,639,733 times.

We are good at bringing campaign and branding professionals together. This way, we ensure that we are stronger in both areas and we can zoom in better on the customer's wishes. BeFrank is one of the many examples of a customer for whom we have been able to create a creative campaign.

— Henriette Verkerk, Client Director, Total Design

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