Design and development of a new website for Mooi Nederland

With great pride, we have worked on the new website of MooiNL (Mooi Nederland). MooiNL is a program of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations where work is being done on major spatial challenges from housing construction, to energy transition, and adapting to climate change.

  • Design System
  • Wireframes
  • Webdesign
  • Front-end Development
  • WordPress website
  • Web Strategy

Digital Design System

We have successfully transformed the existing brand identity of our client into a versatile digital design system. This design system ensures consistent branding and improves the user experience for designing and developing all digital interfaces and platforms that we had to develop for MooiNederland. Due to our expertise in creating digital design systems, it has accelerated and simplified the approach to the design and development process.


While developing the design system, we also started working on the wireframes. These are crucial for visualizing the site structure and associated navigation, and lay the foundation for further development. They serve as a blueprint for the website, where the layout and functionalities are clearly displayed, and help the process of early feedback and adjustments.

UI Design / Webdesign

Based on the design system, the wireframes, and the provided images, we started shaping all the page templates and page builder components. Very important was the readability of the pages while capturing the visitors attention. During this phase we, for example, decided to link color combinations to the knowledge dossiers to give each dossier a unique look.

Web development / WordPress website

After delivering the UI design, we started the front-end development of a custom WordPress theme. We built this custom theme on the responsive framework of Bootstrap. This helped us to easily build the website so that it works well on all screen sizes and mobile devices. In an earlier phase, based on the wireframes and a functional design, we had already developed the back-end of the website. Due to its user-friendliness and flexibility, we chose WordPress as the back-end content management system. This enables MooiNL to easily manage and adjust their content.

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