Limburgs Museum

Museum with Schwung

‘Van ós’ means ‘from us’ in the Limburg dialect. And that is what the Limburg Museum is: a reaching out, a connection, a sharing of experiences. For everybody inside and outside Limburg. Together with this ambitious museum in Venlo, Total Design developed a particularly outspoken positioning, branding and communication.

  • Branding
  • Positioning
  • Communication
  • UX/UI Design
  • Web development

’The Limburgs Museum stands for Limburg. It was, it is, and always will be. But the world is constantly on the move. So, we also continue to develop.’ This quote from the Brand Passport indicates that interaction with the environment is central to the new brand. But how do you capture the promise of change and development in a striking way?

You see the movement of the Maas river through the Limburg landscape. A movement that touches people, enthuses them, and makes them look at their environment with different eyes. That is what the Limburgs Museum wants to achieve. That is the ‘Museum with Schwung’.

The museum continuously invites people with stories that fascinate and inspire. They interpret the past, show the present and sketch the future. The museum does this in the building, on location and online. From campaign to website and from print to social. Limburg was, is and remains important. For everyone.

Connecting and inspiring people, that is the best thing there is. And that's exactly what Total Design's design does.

— Bert Mennings - Director Limburgs Museum

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