The Movement Alliance

Movement Alliance makes exercise natural

The Movement Alliance promotes daily exercise in the Netherlands, striving for vitality, health, and a healthy, sustainable society. The Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport initiative unites 140 organisations in the pursuit of exercise guidelines, with a focus on positive energy, joint strength, and community involvement. Make exercise as natural as daily routines, anywhere and anytime.

  • Positioning
  • Visual Identity
  • Branding
  • Campaign

The challenge

How can we capture the essence of movement and vitality in a visual identity that inspires people to be more active every day? The Beweegalliantie approached us with this challenging question: develop a brand identity that not only reflects the Beweegalliantie’s mission to encourage Dutch people to move more but also connects with a broad and diverse audience. The aim was to create a powerful, recognisable, and inspirational visual language that promotes exercise in all aspects of daily life.

The solution

We developed a dynamic brand identity for the Movement Alliance, centered around an innovative logo symbolizing movement. We combined this with accessible typography and vibrant colours. In the campaign, we used realistic photography to show movement in everyday life, engaging and inspiring a wide audience. By highlighting movement as an essential part of everyday life, we created a brand that both reflects the Movement Alliance’s vision and promotes a more active lifestyle.

Moving is moving forward

The Movement Alliance is a network with a mission: to ensure that more people move more in the Netherlands. Every day. Everywhere. Because moving more helps you feel more vital, prevent health problems, and contribute to a healthy, sustainable, and social society.
1 in 2 Dutch people do not move enough and this has a major social impact. The Beweegalliantie is an initiative of the Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport and connects 140 organizations in their ambition to realize exercise guidelines. With positive energy, joint strength, and an eye for each other and the bigger picture.
Exercise should become as normal as brushing your teeth every day, sleeping or using your mobile phone. On the road, in the classroom, in the office, at home, and in one’s spare time. It should be given the priority it deserves.

Total Design developed the brand identity for Beweegalliantie, taking a playfully moving line as the identity’s powerful center of recognition. And with this, we emphasize the positive, friendly way in which The Movement Alliance promotes exercise in the Netherlands. The dynamic line symbolizes the three main principles; stimulating, facilitating, and helping.

A dynamic and positive organisation like the Movement Alliance needs a dynamic and positive logo. The iconic initial ‘B’ of the logo moves forward in a fluid line in connection with the rest of the wordmark. The fluid shape gives the logo an effortless naturalness. The font we use for the logo, and for all communication, is friendly, round, and accessible.

With photography, we visualise everyday situations that show the desired movement behaviour. We give the viewer the feeling of being part of the situation, thus making the viewer part of the activity. We portray a cross-section of Dutch society and show how simple and fun exercise is.

In addition, Total Design developed a campaign under the theme Moving is progress. The film tells a story that when we were hunter-gatherers we moved a lot, but since humans began to develop more and more through progress, stagnation followed. And now we have to work together to learn to move again. Because to move is to move forward. In the film, the stroke is also the recognisable pattern. But that starts with a rudimentary primitive la Ligna style starting from a rock drawing that culminates in the new logo of the Movement Alliance.

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