Intoleran: conquering the world with a new brand

Intoleran is an international provider of food supplements for people with food intolerances. Total Design developed a new name, design and communication that emphasises the positive impact of the product as much as possible.

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Intoleran’s mission is to enable as many people as possible to enjoy food without bowel or stomach problems. In other words, to enable you to enjoy a social life without stress again. Intoleran is not a medicine, but if you take a pill before eating you will have no or far less trouble with your intolerance. Hence the ‘switch’ in the logo: you take a pill and you can eat safely again.

3-intoleran-enjoy food again

Colour combination.
The derived colour circles play a prominent role in the entire product line: they refer to specific intolerances. Each intolerance has its own colour combination. In this way, the circles ensure a strong presence on the shelf, but they also help consumers to find ‘their’ specific pill.

Equivocal and Powerful.
Gastrointestinal problems do not stop at borders. That’s why Intoleran is rapidly expanding internationally. For example, the company delivers on a global scale via, and in 2021 and this year also started physical operations in Belgium, Spain, Italy, Australia, USA, Singapore and China.
In order to scale up strongly and effectively, a unified and powerful brand is essential. It contributes greatly to the international rollout, as the new brand immediately indicates what it is about and what issues it is focused on.


Attention in the pharmaceutical and scientific world.
Thanks to the right naming, the striking design and the distinctive appearance, Intoleran is receiving a lot of attention in the pharmaceutical world. The product stands out on the shelves of pharmacies and drugstores. Moreover, it is perfectly in line with the scientific world in which Intoleran’s professional target group (such as dieticians, health experts and doctors) operates.

7-intoleran-mobile screens
8-intoleran-desktop screen
We were looking for a brand for our 13-year-old brand Disolut that more clearly represents what we focus on. Moreover, it had to appeal to people, and be available worldwide. Moreover, with this design we bridge the gap between supplements and the pharmaceutical look and feel of our products. Total Design has turned our product line into a strong brand with international allure.

— Harmen Treep - CEO Intoleran

9-intoleran-desktop screens

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