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HEMA and Total Design launch a new campaign for the HEMA Health Insurance with a very special customer...

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Last October, the Lucky Bird introduction campaign of the HEMA Health Insurance went live. HEMA asked Total Design to develop a new campaign for their Health Insurance. Primarily focused on attracting new customers, but current customers could not be lost sight of either. To win over these potential customers, HEMA offers customers with a HEMA health insurance 10% extra discount on almost the entire HEMA assortment. Both in the stores and online at hema.nl. A benefit that puts HEMA in a unique position among the mostly policy- and/or price-focused campaigns within the industry.

By using a mascot – the Lucky Bird – as a personification, Total Design created an omnichannel campaign concept that matches the new HEMA branding. The campaign manages to draw attention in an accessible way during the most important orientation period of the year for health insurance.

Bird of Fortune

HEMA is introducing a regular customer: the Lucky Bird. In the campaign, the Lucky Bird shows common unlucky moments in everyday life, making the target group aware of the importance of having health insurance that suits you. After all, we all throw our backs out from time to time, and then it’s better to be insured with an insure provider that can offer you something fun besides the bad luck moments. Fortunately, he has the HEMA Health Insurance. This way he is not only insured for care, but also for an extra 10% discount on most of the HEMA products. Because you’re either a lucky one or you’re not….

The Lucky Bird makes it possible to communicate in a way that is accessible and recognizable to the target group. HEMA health insurance manages to draw attention to a generally less popular subject such as insurance in a sympathetic way, a way that suits HEMA.

The Lucky Bird was created through a fine collaboration between Total Design and the designers of the HEMA’s toy department. The Lucky Bird is made using fabrics and colors that fit the brand and connect with HEMA.

Learn about the Lucky Bird too

The Lucky Bird is featured in a digital-first campaign and will in the coming months inform the target group about the benefits that HEMA health insurance offers you. In different videos and various campaign visuals that have been translated into the HEMA brochure, in-store, social channels, website and digital displays, we will get to know the Lucky Bird better and better…

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