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Perfect-fit technology that pushes boundaries

Gorilla IT designs, develops and delivers IT that moves organizations forward. In doing so, they deliver perfect-fit technology that pushes boundaries. Using a structured approach and the keen insights of their experienced team, they can quickly identify a client's IT issues and realize and implement the perfect solution. Only the branding solutions remained to be seen.

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Comprehensive rebranding.

Gorilla IT was a well-run organization looking for professional growth. Both internally and externally. After a previous collaboration with another client, they asked Total Design to reposition their company and develop appropriate branding and visual identity to go with it. From a brand strategy to website development, and everything in between.

Professional development .

Through a series of content sessions, we worked with Gorilla IT to get to the core of their brand. This was the starting point for the new positioning and branding process. The positioning also formed the beginning of a business formula that gave direction to the portfolio, their position in the market, and sales.

A new perspective .

The new brand story provided direction for the organization and made employees recognize themselves in the organization.

A sharp finding from space travel represented Gorilla IT perfectly. For example, during his 1961 space mission, Allan Shephard said “All systems go!” All his systems critical to his mission functioned flawlessly. Exactly what Gorilla IT also does every day for its customers.

The brand story offered a whole new perspective on communication with (potential) customers. From now on, Gorilla IT looked at everything from the customer’s perspective instead of from its own services. All systems go! became their payoff. This made the connection between the worlds of the customers and the business of Gorilla IT.

More than modular .

A busy creative session and an exciting brand story provided the starting point for the development of the new visual identity. To be fair, it wasn’t easy. How do you visualize an organization that provides quite complex processes and services for non-IT experts? The logo provided the initial insight and became a natural representation close to home. Within the logo you read “IT” but if you look further you also see a gorilla in a distinctive position. This visualizes Gorilla IT’s leadership positioning and also implies that problems can be solved in a powerful but simple way.

The unique form elements and colors were based on the organization’s USPs, thus expressing all the benefits without saying a word about it. The emphasis on icons helps Gorilla IT easily explain its processes, models and services to its target audience using what we call “graphic storytelling.

The personal photography style, striking colors and the additionally clean infographic and icon style create a perfect combination of serious business and playful collaborations. As such, it perfectly matches the organization’s internal mentality portrayed: work hard play hard. The result? An identity that both the mostly young employees and the experienced CEO and CFO target groups can identify with.

The more than modular visual identity has a strong digital-first character. For example, the font was selected based on an enjoyable experience for Developers and the logo’s non-100% white and black primary colors provide a user-friendly screen experience for everyone. This makes it smart branding for a smart organization.

Accessible expertise .

The visual identity was developed on various assets from a PowerPoint pitch template to various social media assets and website designs with the website being the most significant touch point.
It not only counts as a business card but is also an important part of the sales strategy. It was essential to find the right chemistry between the level of expertise on the one hand, and the inviting and accessible character of Gorilla IT and its services on the other. With the help of digital strategic sessions, we managed to capture the essence and objective of the website and started looking for the right insights for both design and content.

Before the texts could be written, a special tone of voice was developed. And where the visual identity became a representation of the USPs, the tone of voice became a direct translation of Gorilla IT’s values. This made it not only perfectly tailored to the needs of the intended target group, but it also felt very authentic and appropriate. From now on, Gorilla IT sounded clear, accessible and as a leader in the IT industry.

After every session and presentation by TD, our collaboration got better. We were listened to and challenged to push boundaries. The end result is a great presentation by Gorilla IT for all our employees and customers. A result we are super proud of. It was a joy to grow together with the team of TD to a full brand and an integral appearance of our company.

— Theo Schrammeijer, Executive Partner Gorilla IT

Starting point for sales .

The website represents Gorilla IT’s main objectives and is geared toward the perceptions of its target audience. It gives away enough interesting information and invites to engage with Gorilla IT. The visual identity and UX/UI designs we developed were appropriately implemented in WordPress and provide a unique insight into Gorilla IT’s world. From its methods and success stories to a glimpse of the organization as an employer.
The development of the website came about in collaboration between TD and Gorilla IT, and together with the design of the office became the place where the visual identity really came to life for the first time.

The results are impressive, and we are convinced that this complete rebranding of the organization and the formula developed by Total Design, our proposal for an effective media strategy and results of a creative content brainstorming will ensure even more success in the future.

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Then check out Gorilla IT’s brand new website: www.gorillait.nl

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