From recruitment agency to tech community

For the transformation from recruitment agency to technology community, we developed a new identity for Evoke. An identity that attracts, connects and retains technology talent.

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Discover, retain and connect talent

Evoke places new and experienced professionals in the technology, construction & infrastructure, and supply chain & logistics sectors.

Technology talent is particularly scarce and to attract it, personal contact is essential: professionals want to shape their own careers and Evoke acknowledges that ambition. It was therefore decided to make the transformation from recruitment agency to technology community. And in a community, people share the same values and ambitions.

By creating a community, Evoke is better able to discover and retain talent, and couple talent with opportunities.

A brand identity with a focus on young technical talent

To catch the eye of this young target group and be seen as the agency for technical talent, a brand identity has been developed expressing the values: bold, forward-thinking, flexible and scalable.

The identity, developed directly in 3D and animations, has been implemented across the board, from communication to interior to video formats. Everything clearly communicates, ‘You’re the key to success and it’s up to you to join our community.’

Evoke is now a vibrant community, where people continuously engage and add content enhancing brand awareness and Evoke’s leadership position.


The visual identity has won German Design Awards in the category Corporate Identity; a Graphis New York Golden Award in the category Branding; and an International Design Awards (IDA) Honourable Mention in the category Corporate Identity.

The sculptured 'e' in the logo looks extremely modern and contemporary. Moreover, it is used very flexibly, expressing clearly and explicitly the diversity in the brand promise. The coherent and consistent design of the web presence as a whole clearly and authentically conveys a large measure of freshness, dynamism and competence.

— Jury report, German Design Awards.

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