Royal FloraHolland

From cooperative to global company

Thanks to a full rebranding, Royal FloraHolland now not only appeals to its members but has been transformed into a market-oriented global company.

Transformation into a market-oriented service provider

Despite an annual global turnover of €4.5 billion, as a cooperative, Royal FloraHolland mainly communicated with and to its 4,500 members. To become internationally visible and recognized, Royal FloraHolland’s branding needed to be overhauled.

Shifting the focus from members to the market required not just a renewed brand look-and-feel, but a complete transition within the organization. For the new brand identity we build on the Dutch strengths and pride of Royal FloraHolland: ‘Flowering the world’.

All-over makeover

The brand identity aligns with the new marketing strategy and core values; smart, innovative and ambitious. It is reflected in the new logo, photography style and iconograph and implemented in all communication and digital touchpoints, including all websites, apps, intranet and narrowcasting. kenbaar en marktgericht wereldbedrijf.

Royal FloraHolland app design

An organisation transformed

The result is a completely transformed organisation with a new name and positioning, an improved product portfolio, and last but not least, a new pride.

Was I buying a very expensive rebranding or very cheap transformation? Total Design delivered the latter!

— Former CEO Lucas Vos, Royal FloraHolland

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