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Sanquin is the Dutch organization that is responsible for the blood supply in the Netherlands. Together with about 400,000 donors, they save about 80,000 lives every year. But there's more. Sanquin offers complex diagnostics and reagents and is a high-quality research institute. Sanquin is at the heart of society, and just like that society, Sanquin is also changing. Total Design contributed to this transition in close collaboration with Sanquin.

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Sanquin,known as the Blood Institute. The recruitment of new donors is often the most prominent in the media. But now a new era is dawning. For the future, Sanquin will also focus on preventive healthcare.


Sanquin calls this development scientific donorship. The organization is working hard on ways to use its unique knowledge for health in the broadest sense. In this way donors (who wish) will soon receive more information about their own health, but as a donor you can also contribute to scientific research into prevention. This is also good from a collective point of view: it contributes to efficiency in health care. And that in turn ensures that our care remains affordable. A valuable development, therefore, for people and society.


That requires a strong brand that we developed in close collaboration with Sanquin. The brand is clear, consistent and recognizable. Like Apple and Nike. These are the examples in Sanquin’s brand development. Just as you associate Nike with sport, in the future you will have to spontaneously link Sanquin to a vital society and a healthy lifestyle.
For Life.

Sanquin is not only an important organization for the medical sector, which takes action to save lives and cure patients. We also focus on the health of the Netherlands and preventive medicine. That is an important starting point for the new strategy and branding. Total Design helps us enormously with that 'image'.

— Tjark Tjin-A-Tsoi – CEO and chairman of RvB Sanquin

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